Byte Dance’s Promotional Project Silicone Pencil Case

We have cooperation with the Fortune 500 companies from 2007 to now for the custom silicone project. The project what we cooperate with includes Silicone Health & Beauty & Personal Care project, Silicone Stationery project, Silicone home & houseware project, Silicone Electronic & Cell Phones Accessories project, Silicone baby feeding and toy project, Silicone promotional project, etc. We Offer Custom Silicone products to the brand/retails/wholesale company.

In the beginning of July 2020. We get the requirements for the silicone pencil case project from  Byte Dances. The total quantity is 1 million in 3 months. The sample lead-time is one week with the printing, stitching, and package.

1. For this project, the silicone pencil case is not a difficult project. The difficulty is the lead-time.

The lead-time for the samples: We are a silicone products manufacturer, we are professional in silicone parts. We can produce the silicone samples in1-3 or 7 days (If the sample tooling is needed).  And this project includes the stitching and nylon top with plastic, PET box and drying agent. Due to the teamwork and the faster run-up capability.

A: Our Sample making dep make the silicone body in 1 day.

B: Our Merchandiser go to the Cloth market find the zip and nylon rope with plastic on the same days

C: Our cooperate  Printing screen,packing and stitching supplier helps us finish all the process in 4 days.

In that case, we can deliver the perfect samples in time

2. The lead-time for the mass production for 1 million in 3 months:

This silicone pencil case’s major body is silicone. They were produced by silicone compression molding. In order to catch the lead-time.

A.We use our in-house silicone tooling workshop, duplicate 6 sets of silicone pencil case tooling to produce the silicone components.

B.We Mobilize outsourcing resources with our silicone partner, without any delivery delay for our other customer

C.We use our working relationships with packing and stitching material suppliers. We can help you choose the right packaging and other solution that meets your specific requirements for every application and budget in time

Finally, we offer the perfect samples to Byte Dance and get the PO. Then we finished the 1Million pencil case in 3 months. We get the Best supplier Trophy of 2020 from Byte Dance.