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10 uses of silicone stasher bags to make life easier

Why discard impeccably good food when you can eat it again the next day? On the other hand, there’s no disregarding the fact that utilizing many single-use storage bags isn’t the most ecologically or economically conscientious thing to do. Fortunately, there are now substitute options that are much better. Here’s where stasher bags come into the picture. 

What is Stasher Bags & Why Should You Be Fascinated by Them?

Stasher bags are environmentally friendly silicone bags. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and dimensions. And they are promoted as being cold, dishwasher, oven, and heat safe. Many people utilize these bags to move around their snacks, refreshments, or additional food items. But they are likewise used to carry around other objects, for example, phone chargers (that is the advantage of the different shapes and dimensions of the bags).

Stasher bags are composed of platinum-grade silicone that meets FDA and EU obligations for food interaction and safety. Silicone is made from interchanging silica and oxygen molecules. The silicone used in Stasher bags is made from these essential elements and joined with carbon to make a raw silicone product. This material is then treated through heat and pressure to make the silicone parts that are tough, nontoxic, and multipurpose.

Everyone wants to become environmentally conscious now. One of these simple conducts is to substitute single-use plastic with refillable containers. The Stasher bag is precisely designed for this drive. But what makes Stasher exceptional is its food-grade silicone assembly. This material is lightweight, hard-wearing, harmless, and can endure high temperatures.

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With these features joined, Stasher becomes exceptionally versatile. Look into these top 10 astonishing things to do with these silicone bags. In the future, you’ll never look at your Stasher bags as being useless!

1. Something to put your snacks in

Put away your picnic sandwiches and vegetables with sauces in a Stasher bag. It’s lightweight and slides straight into your bag. Don’t make any waste on road trips and hiking tracks. Stash your silicone bags with snacks, cookies, and additional delicious munchies. Take salads to your workplace. Coatings of exciting ingredients in a Stasher bag will make anybody enthusiastic for lunch.

2. Revive stale bread

You don’t longer need to fret about bread going to waste! Instead, damp down a single side of your bread slices with a bit of water (or both the sides for extremely dry bread), put them in the Stasher, clinch, and then bake at 190 degrees for 5 minutes.

3. Infuse, prepare, and rewarm

Infuse your meats and fish in a silicone Stasher. This lets you avoid massive containers in the refrigerator. It’s leak-proof, as well. Steam your ice-covered or pre-cut veggies. Put your sealed Stasher bag in sweltering water for 10 minutes. This keeps the nutrients short of adding unpleasant flavors to your food.

Use it to get control over sous vide cooking. There are no more damaging plastic elements getting into your food while preparing it for lengthy periods. Bake fish in it. It will keep the skin moist while you get to relish a stress-free clean-up. Heat up or steam your food in the microwave. It’s seamless for thawing cold food, in addition.

4. Make rapid pickles

Mason jars are now a thing of the past. Instead, put your food and Stasher the bag together to have delicious pickles after just a day.

5. Prep up meals

Undertake an eventful work week with a fantastic breakfast in a Stasher. These bags can save you time and guarantee nutritious eating, from garden-fresh veggies to delicious pancakes.

No necessity to purchase store-bought icy veggies. Put whatever you want in the Stasher and then freeze. When all set to eat, thaw it out, add spice, and top with a chunk of butter.

Placate pizza or cookie longings with a Stasher! Utilize the bag for putting away your homespun dough in the freezer. 

6. Decrease food wastage

Utilize it to keep herbs fresh for a lengthier time. For example, put a mixture of soft herbs in a jar with a little bit of water, seal with a Stasher, then put it away in the fridge for nearly a fortnight. You can likewise pack herbs with rougher stems in a moist cloth, add them to the bag, then cool. Similarly, you can use Stasher bags to preserve sliced herbs blended with olive oil.

Use it for putting away veggie leftovers and meat bones. Craving soup? Just take that Stasher out of the freezer, and it’s ready for a swift chicken broth.

7. Make cold treats

Stasher can make your cold treats even better. These silicone bags will have you covered for summer, from hale and hearty fruit smoothies to homespun ice cream.

8. Bring together your things for work or travel

Make things simpler to find with the transparent and flamboyant Stashers. Please utilize them to avoid trivial items like accessories, chains for your devices, and travel basics like your official documents. Here’s the good news: your phone’s touchscreen functions even when in a Stasher bag!

Utilize it for storing wet costumes and washcloths. It will keep your baggage dry and free of unpleasant odors.

Store your cosmetics product in one bag. Use reusable containers for shampoo, cleanser, and creams, so you don’t have to purchase them in tiny plastic bottles.

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9. Make some goody bags

Astonish friends with custom-made presents. Make gift packs the ecological way.

Chalk it up with candy. Throwaway treat bags are sweet, but a refillable Stasher is improved.

Make your pets love night walks even more. Stasher bags filled with treats effortlessly make pets happy.

10. Make some cleaning essentials

Ever attempted making home-based baby wipes with a Stasher? This wipe solution formula is a beautiful way to reduce the usage of polyester-made wipes that take ages to break down.

Pamper yourself with a calming body scrub made with affection. The Stasher will prepare your scrub for the bath, sink, or traveling. Even better, fasten it up with a ribbon and send it as a present to a friend needing some richly deserved indulging.

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