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Does your baby need a silicone bib?

In general, baby bibs are a basic necessity when you are young. Children from 0-to six months drool often, and they also spill their food a lot! In addition, bibs make it easy to handle the baby while feeding, keeping their clothes clean.

A silicone baby bib will be a wonderful addition for parents for keeping the baby’s cloth dry and clean. However, an impermeable bib becomes very significant when kids start to eat baby foods. When purees and similar baby food drips on kids’ clothes, the stains are typically difficult to remove. Above and beyond, babies continuously want to eat their food by hand and usually smear them. If there isn’t any protective bib, beyond question, the mess a child makes can be very challenging to remove. 

Why Silicone?

Silicone is a naturally stemmed, hard-wearing yet soft material and a non-toxic change from rough plastic. As discussed on various platforms, “food-grade silicone is a harmless polymer commonly made from silica, i.e., sand.” It’s BPA-free, superior for the environment and, undoubtedly, your children! Its resourcefulness means it’s faultless for weaning, discovering, and free time. Silicone baby products are all wholly food-grade, and dentist accepted!

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Silicone is recognized for its significant softness. However, babies have some demanding experiences with rigid plastic baby products. In Silicone, we find the seamless material to attain our objective of safe, comfy, and appreciated weaning and developing skills. 

Can Bibs Made of Silicone be Securely Utilized for Babies?

Babies can be out of harm’s way utilize Bibs made of Silicone, but parents need to assess a couple of things with the product to guarantee that the product is prepared from 100% silicone and does not have harmful additions.

All products prepared for children must go through lab testing to guarantee there are no phthalates, lead, and additional damaging chemicals in the product. Consumer Product Safety controls this analysis, and products will be given documentation if it is in obedience.

When purchasing a bib, always see if the company can offer lab test results in their business term. You would be astounded at the number of companies that either does not go through testing or plagiarize certificates from their industrialist, which could be for a completely different brand.

Benefits of silicone bibs

Easy to clean

Unlike cloth bibs, which must be cleaned consistently, cleaning the best silicone bibs is as easy as rubbing them down with a saturated towel. Idyllically, silicone products have a non-porous nature that makes cleaning relatively easy. You might even toss them in the dishwasher with your other dishes. Whatever helps reduce the quantity of laundry related to having a baby is a positive! 

Pockets to control mess

When babies eat, they have a habit of dropping food, and you would most probably clear out the mess without reluctance. When you go to an eatery with your baby, it can be uncomfortable to leave since there is a massive puddle on the floor. Finest silicone bibs with integral pockets are an incredible substitute to go with. These bibs are made to latch on approximately all of the food babies tumble when eating. It‘s conceivable that a small number of pieces of food will plunge to the floor. Nevertheless, likened to a typical bib, the mess would be meaningfully less.

The Silicone baby bibs can be perfectly used when Keeping your little one feeling comfy and clean.

  • Name: Silicone baby bibs / Silicone bibs /Baby bibs/food catcher bibs
  • Material: Food grade silicone /LFGB silicone
  • Process: Silicone Compression molding/printing
  • Logo: Custom silkscreen / Heat transfer printing / Hanging tags
  • Design: Button, Snap closure, built-in neck fasteners for a snug and comfy fit
  • Usages: Baby, Travelling, Gifts, Advertising, Accessories, etc.

MOQ: The MOQ is 100 PCS, For custom requirements, please contact us to get accurate quotations and discounts.

They avoid big messes.

Silicone pattern bibs are intended to stop your baby from producing huge messes. Their extensive catchers can seize any food that trickles down your baby’s chin, making feeding times less demanding. 

They are hard-wearing

Silicone products are rubbery substances. Both materials present extraordinary tensile strength, suppleness, and abrasion resistance. Finest silicone bibs vary from rubber in that they are hard-wearing and significantly non-toxic for children.

They are fun and unique.

Additionally, the finest silicone bibs are obtainable in various vivacious colors and designs. You can have a bib including ships, emojis, stars, and even cartoons. To discover what your baby likes and make feeding time more stimulating, use different products.

They are safe for babies.

The best part about silicone products is that they are entirely food-grade and BPA-free, making them harmless materials for babies. Moreover, the material does not discharge hazardous materials owing to its resilient abilities. Without a doubt, you would select the safety of your kid.

Environmentally friendly

Silicone baby products are not just an asset for your increasing family but a stride towards a more ecologically friendly outlook, too. Re-useable food-grade Silicone can be a non-toxic, ecological and expedient substitute for plastic, facilitating decreased plastic pollution.

Plastic doesn’t decay; in its place, it breaks down into smithereens of micro-plastics, making it highly damaging to wildlife. Silicone will not split into lesser pieces, taking away that ecological danger. When you feel like disposing of one-off, you can query the reprocessing program or take the bits and pieces to a reusing center.

Furthermore, damaging chemicals like phthalates or bisphenol A (BPA) are not utilized. And with Silicone enduring a lot lengthier than standard plastic, you’ll get more usage out of your merchandise and produce less plastic leftover.

Silicone products come in a storage bag that you can use for everyday activities or shopping suitability. Select a re-useable pouch over single-use plastic wrapping that must be promptly cast off.

How Do You Wash Silicone Baby Bibs?

The simplest way to clean a silicone baby bib is to put it on the highest rack of your dishwasher and wash it with your next heap of dishes. However, you might want to wash it off before putting it into the dishwasher if it will take some time before you have a complete load ready to wash.

Likewise, you can clean the bibs with a tiny amount of soap and water. There is no specific way to wash silicone baby bibs. But it would be best if you continuously cleaned them after being used to evade stains.

What are the finest places to get top silicone bibs for your baby? Online shops with a decent reputation will have a variability of choices in stock. And all of which are mass-produced with care and meticulousness.

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