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What is Dripping Injection Dispensing(CO-Injection) Molding?

Dripping Injection Dispensing(co-injection) Molding is a process for making silicone multicolored products.

They allow two different silicone materials (solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber) to be combined into a single products stream. Liquid silicone’s colors can be adjusted according to different customers, and the colors will do nothing to the qualities of rockery liquid silicone. When in use, we need to mix the two parts evenly according to a certain proportion first, and then carry on the vacuum processing.

This specialized process can be used to enhance product color performance and reduce cost without any penalty to cycle time or production volume.

The process of Dripping Injection Dispensing(CO-Injection) Molding?

  • Dripping the liquid silicone material on the tooling with the dripping machine.
  • Then heated the tooling and let the liquid silicone material is heated to solidify it.
  • Then put the solid silicone rubber into the tooling. Silicone is vulcanized through this process and a part is formed. While this molding process itself is somewhat slower than injection molding, it does yield quick turns on prototype or R&D parts. It also has less costly tooling upfront.

The Dripping Injection Dispensing(CO-Injection) Molding process most cost-effective production method is to create high multiple cavity tooling also.

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Industries And Applications

Advantages of Dripping Injection Dispensing(CO-Injection) Molding.

Design: Multi-colored. You can get 12 colors in one product without any printed.

Flexibility: Can make the 3D show with the products.

Attraction: More attraction and cute as gifts for the kids and Women

Disadvantages of Dripping Injection Dispensing(CO-Injection) Molding.

Expensive material costs: The cost of the material and making process is more expensive than compression molding silicone.

Process complexity: Need add heat process for liquid silicone rubber before the solid silicone rubber molding

Custom Co-Injection Dripping Molding Solutions For Your Business

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