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Why should you buy a silicone phone cover next?

If you’ve just bought a gleaming new smartphone, odds are you’re searching for a phone case. In the market, two case materials are available: plastic and silicone. But what are they correct? More prominently, which one should you select? Let’s take a deeper look at each material and its profits! 

How are plastic and silicone different?

Let’s take a second to inspect the particulars of how plastic is made. Plastic is a polymer that is available in many multiplicities. TPU has a pliable, flexible texture. Polycarbonate (PC) is a much more inelastic and solid plastic. Countless cases in the market combine two or more plastic varieties for an exceptional combination of strong structure and shock absorption.

Silicone is likewise a polymer but principally made from silicon, in consort with additional elements. Silicone has a laxer, rubber-like texture. Think of those ultramodern cooking spatulas all the Instagrammers are using. But what makes silicone so unique? Here are some reasons why silicone is the best material for a phone cover:

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Is Silicone better than plastics?
Plastic isn’t all that incredible. From the centuries it takes to break down to the cumulating incidence of microplastics in the ocean, there are countless reasons why we must decrease…
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The First is Silicone is not plastic. Silica gel == Stone on the Beach! The main component of silica gel is silicon, a natural component found in sand, stone, and crystals…

Snug fit

The attractiveness of silicone is its springiness and pliability. It can be easily prepared to form a rubber-like substance and then fixed steadily onto the phone. The silicone cases are designed for explicit phone models for the most refined fit and look. This likewise confirms that ports for connections, cables, and camera spaces are in the correct places. They are not cumbersome or weighty at all. Silicone covers are also simple to put on and take off, making them tremendously beneficial. It is simple to put inside a pocket or handbag and carry unnoticeably, making them standard for traveling, gatherings, working out, and the like. 

Texture in the hand

As we saw, silicone and plastic phone cases both have different textures. Even though plastics come in a varied range, commonly, the ones utilized for phone cases are stiffer. Consequently, a silicone case will have a softer feel, which is usually very pleasing. Moreover, silicone’s rubber-like texture correspondingly inclines to be ergonomic; marvelous for people whose phones keep slipping out of their hands!


Contemporary mobiles are often luxurious; thus, damaging them can be worrying! So, it is logical to do all you can to guard them against accidents. Since silicone covers can cover the phone wholly, they can offer an added shield to the total phone. And no part has to be detached to use the phone. Moreover, silicone is robust with adequate shock absorption to care for all phone features from falls and additional crash damage. Silicone covers are also frequently water-resistant. 


Silicone sleeves commonly have decent resilience and are typically resilient to scratching and comparable damage. Furthermore, they are sterile, and countless can be cleaned. All these elements make them have a legitimately extended and expedient life. In addition, maximum silicone cases are very soft and hard-wearing, which is advantageous for phone protection.

Tactile and ergonimic

Silicone cases are laxer than countless other cases, specifically more challenging plastic cases, and metallic cases. And are also squashier than other detachable materials. Nevertheless, they are enjoyable to hold and grip, feel agreeable, and easy, in some measure, due to the intrinsic non-slip features of silicone. A more authoritarian grip can help avoid voluminous accidents by dropping your phone.


Silicones have exceptional thermal stability and negligible thermal conductivity. The silicone case correspondingly works well in extreme temperatures, making it idyllic for vacations, summer days, and sunny outings at the beach. Likewise, they can be used out of harm’s way in high-temperature work settings. This is because they don’t warm up as other materials do. In its place, heat is only emitted from the phone via the phone case. In addition, the dustproof silicone cover reduces surface dust, grime, and fragments. This very convenient property helps uphold the phone’s look for a very long time. 

Simple and sophisticated

Most silicone cases are intended in pure colors, such as black, blue, yellow, etc. These minimal colors make the phone case unpretentious and sophisticated. And the design without extra decorations also makes the phone case timeless and not old-fashioned. From business conferences to casual parties, the fashionable Gen Z silicone case is an impressive addition to diverse settings.

Green factor

Many people think that silicone is a much greener material than plastic. That doesn’t mean all silicone covers are green! We’re talking about ecological impact. A lot of that feature has to do with how a silicone phone case is prepared, but it likewise has to do with how it’s thrown away. When scorched, plastic discharges destructive chemicals that are unconfined into the air.

On the other hand, silicone burns with zero destructive bi-products, giving it the top spot in our more environmentally aware world. Silicone in itself is also tremendously standard. In any case, it is the second most plentiful element in the Earth’s crust!

How to clean the silicone phone case when it is dirty?

  1. Use a cleansing agent to moderately rub, wash with water, and then dry. Keep in mind; do not keep it outside for long periods in the sun. It won’t burn or melt, but the shape can be slightly affected.
  2. If the silicone phone cover is dirtier, you can put it in the washing machine. Make sure you’re not spinning it for a long time, though!
  3. Wipe the silicone phone cover with an eraser if you can’t find anything else.
  4. You can also use cotton swabs. Apply a small amount of alcohol-based sanitizer or rub on the swab, clean the silicone case, and you’re done.

The grander performance, together with the fact that silicone is a non-petroleum product and does not be determined by the progressively rare petroleum resources, makes silicone products become an alternative to comparable plastic products has been the tendency. Contrariwise, silicone products can be functional in countless plastic products that are no longer working, for example, baby products, kitchenware, textiles, etc. The application possibilities are wide-ranging. So when you go out looking for your next phone cover, silicone should be a popular choice!

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