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Are silicone sponges worth the money?

As technology and product modernization nurture and progress, keeping a completely or even moderately maintainable beauty routine becomes less of a task. You can now go for ecological makeup remover wads and additional products. And also reprocess products in our hair care, skin regime, and makeup collections. It’s one of the reasons why the silicone makeup blender/sponge has become one of the hippest reusable tools for putting on face makeup. And while foam sponges have more lately trying to gather the spot for achieving an unblemished, airbrush-like finish of the foundation, the silicone blender is still very much in the running. So look into these five reasons why you should think through keeping a silicone makeup sponge in your beauty regime for years to come: 

What Is A Silicone Makeup Sponge?

Let’s go through it again, whether or not you squandered the zenith of the silicone sponge age. A silicone makeup sponge is precisely what it sounds like—a beauty blender composed of a soft, silicone material. Moreover called the jelly makeup sponges, these silicone makeup sponges come in various shapes and dimensions. And they are principally used to put foundation, concealer, and other bases on your face. The tool might look like a teddy bear, a plain oval, or whatever shape you can find! But it’s prepared for smooth foundation application. Since they’re made from non-porous materials, brands advertise these silicone tools as the more germ-free option. On the other hand, some expert makeup artists and makeup fans are of two minds regarding this tool’s real blending supremacy. 

How to Utilize a Silicone Beauty Sponge

According to makeup experts, silicone sponges are relatively simple to use. Here’s how.

  1. Initially, you’ll want to put a tiny amount of liquid foundation onto the sponge. 
  2. After putting on the product, mix the foundation with the sponge on your face in a round swirling gesture until your foundation looks smooth. And you’ve concealed all the significant parts.
  3. You can keep toting the foundation to the sponge in tiny increases and mixing it onto the face until you get the anticipated look of coverage.

5 Reasons to Keep a Silicone Makeup Sponge

There are many reasons to utilize a silicone makeup sponge to complete your gorgeous look, and here are the top five you should consider:

1. Quick and straightforward Cleaning

Cleaning your used makeup brushes and beauty blenders can be a nuisance. You have to commit a substantial amount of time to methodically clean every smidgen of makeup that has crawled deep into the crannies of your tools. Also, the drying time is way too elaborate. On the other hand, with a silicone makeup blender, you don’t have to think about any makeup that has been soaked up into the sponge, so washing it takes a couple of minutes. So there’s likewise no drying time needed. Is that not a dream come true for all makeup lovers? 

Tip: Conjecturing how to clean a silicone makeup sponge? Primarily, wash your sponge with water to eliminate any surplus product. At that moment, smear soap into the blender and use your fingers to coat it comprehensively. Otherwise, you can utilize a bit of micellar water, if you have any, on a cotton pad to expunge any leftover product. Then use a paper towel or soft cloth to suck up any remaining water from your blender.

2. Saving Product

A silicone makeup blender won’t suck up the product like a usual soft, foam sponge. And it also doesn’t take in the product on your face while you’re merging it. A tiny amount of full-coverage foundation can work for months when your sponge isn’t taking half of it off your face! Do you like buying expensive makeup products? A silicone sponge might be the game-changer for saving some bucks!

3. Sustainability

As we pointed out earlier, silicone makeup sponges are ecologically friendly. Unquestionably, customary sponges can be utilized numerous times, but they need to be substituted after one or two uses. As a silicone makeup blender doesn’t sop up products with each application and has a more hard-wearing material, they outsmart the alternate on the environmentally friendly point. A silicone blender also won’t store bacteria or different microbes after each use. The external of the blender can be effortlessly cleaned after every application without the anxiety of the remaining product. So you’ll be sure that no acne-causing, skin-breaking bacteria is sneaking up on you through your blender! 

4. Long-lasting

At present, you get the impression that silicone makeup sponges are relatively long-lasting. With appropriate cleaning after every use, you can keep the identical one in your makeup bag for a year. Not only are you doing the environment a favor, but your credit cards will also heave a sigh of relief.

5. Economical

As silicone blenders continue, they can save you much money if you consider the alternatives. Without the requirement to continuously substitute your makeup sponge, you can put that money in the direction of additional beauty products. Have you been thinking about that new Kylie Jenner lipstick? Order it because you have the money! And with less product winding up in the sponge and mixing onto your face as planned, you can utilize less makeup and still get your anticipated look.

There’s no repudiating any side of the sponge discussion you’re on, and there’s no repudiating that the silicone tool persists a lot lengthier than the regular Beauty blender. However, as it doesn’t take in a product, you can keep it with you until there is impairment to the exterior lining. This is different from foam sponges, which need to be substituted after three months. Make sure to clean your silicone sponge down with antiseptic soap after each usage.

You’ve got the best chance to do it if you want to put the paybacks of silicone beauty blenders to the test and decide if they’re a correct fit for you. You never know! You might start to love silicone sponges in your routine. And feel fantastic about adding less extra waste and getting permanence from overpriced makeup products.

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