The Silicone Material Difference You May Like To Know

Silicone products is become more and more popular in this days. Silicone products are resistant to high and low temperatures and can be used over a wide range of temperatures.The conventional temperature range of -40 ~ 230 degrees within the long-term use.They are also soft and comfortable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and degradable.

What is the silicone material made of ? See the below of silicone chemical properties:

The different silicone products should be with different material, production processes and quality requirements.

Would you like to know the difference of them? Please see the following sheet to get rough information for the difference of the silicone material.

1.Material characteristics.

Physical properties.

There are two kinds of silicone material.

One is HTV Solid silicone.

  • A:Precipitated silicone rubber.
  • a1:Ordinary Silicone Rubber.
  • a2:Food Grade Silicone Rubber.
  • B:Fumed silicone rubber property.

Another one is LSR Silicone Rubber.

  • A:Precipitated silicone rubber.
  • B:Fumed silicone rubber.

A: Precipitated silicone rubber property

The hardness range of this series is 30-80A, with heat resistant, translucent, good processability, easy demolding and good tear strength etc. Products are generally used to make protective sleeve as well food contact applications, automotive parts, roller, household appliance parts and other products.


a1:Ordinary Silicone Rubber.

a2:FDA Silicone Rubber :Translucent and can pass FDA( Food & Drug Administration standard)approved.(Food Grade Silicone widely used in USA and international).

FDA testing method and Report.


B:Fumed silicone rubber property

One is Liquid silicone rubber:

The hardness range of this series is 20-70 SHA, with excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance(from -50℃ to +200℃), weather resistance, electrical performance, etc.
Products are widely used in electronics and electrical appliances, suitable for all kinds of keyboard, sundries, electrical wire&cable, tube, general O-ring, gaskets, seals,etc.
Translucent and able to meet the requirements of LFGB food grade.( mainly for Europe)


B1:LFGB testing Method and Report.


The Liquid Silicone Rubber property:

From the above information, you can see that:

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is standard in America( US FDA is internationally applied.)  LFGB is standard mainly for Europe, Silicone products that pass either one of these tests are safe for human use. In terms of pricing,  products  in LFGB standard will be more expensive than FDA standard,  so FDA is more widely used.

The difference between LFGB and FDA lies on the different way of testing method, and LFGB is more comprehensive and more strict.

2.Making Process.

A:We usually use the HTV silicone compression molding when use solid silicone. 

B:We use Liquid silicone injection molding when use the liquid silicone rubber.

3.Application difference

Ordinary Silicone:Widely use in international. 
It is widely used in Some accessories for machinery, electronics, automobiles and agro-industrial industries.

Food Grade Silicone:Widely used in USA and international.fda-test-report.pdf 

It is widely used in medical and sanitary products, daily necessities (such as silicone kitchenwaresilicone gifts, etc.), baby products and other fields that require high levels of safety and environmental protection.

LFGB food grade:Widely use in Europe.lfgb-test-report.pdf

It is widely used in medical and sanitary products, daily necessities (such as silicone kitchenwaresilicone gifts, etc.), baby products and other fields that require high levels of safety and environmental protection.

Liquid Silicone Rubber:Widely use in international
It is widely used in health-care manufacturing, automotive component manufacturing, electronics and consumer products, gaskets and other hardware. 
Especially in high volumes needed.

4.Touching difference

The ordinary silicone products are easily deformed and rough to the touch
The Food grade silicone has very good toughness and elasticity.fda-test-report.pdflfgb-test-report.pdf
The hand feel will be smoother.

5.Smell difference

The ordinary silicone products have a big smell.
The Food Grade Silicone also have a little odor, which is because the production process does not affect the quality, safety, and other issues, and the odor will be automatically eliminated after a period of time
The LSR silicone rubber smell is better than solid silicone rubber.

6.Rebound and pull hard strength difference

A:Precipitated silicone rubber
Pull hard strength:
This method is very simple.

Take a place in the silicone product and pull hard. If there is white, it is precipitated silicone rubber(Ordinary Silicone Rubber and FDA Silicone Rubber.  )

B:Fumed silicone rubber
Pull hard strength
If there is no white, it is LFGB food grade silicone.


7.Cost difference

Precipitated silicone rubber made products.The raw material price of is low.The ordinary silicone is lowest. The FDA silicone is a little higher.
Fumed silicone rubber made products.The raw material price is higher.

The Fumed Silicone material is more expensive than Precipitated silicone rubber products in production and manufacturing. It can pass ‘LFGB’ testing which is the toughest of all standards – this type of silicone material must pass more intensive testing, is of a better quality and is more expensive. It is also known as ‘Platinum Silicone’

The LSR products cost with high volumes will be similar like Fumed Silicone material. (LFGB silicone material)

ZSR Group,all of our products include the Silicone baby products,Silicone Beauty&Health-careSilicone PetsSilicone Consumer Electronic Protective Cover,Silicone Housewares ProductsSilicone Promotional Gifts all made by Food Grade Silicone material and LFGB silicone material


From the above differences, we can see there are two kinds of silicone material in shape. 
Solid and Liquid. 

They need use different making process:
HTV compression molding 
Liquid silicone rubber injection molding

Both FDA & LFGB approved silicone is considered all Food Grade Silicone and food safe. Silicone that has passed LFGB testing is definitely a better quality silicone resulting in greater durability and less foul silicone odour and taste.

Manufacturers will use different quality silicone material depending on their customer’s requirements. i.e. whether they require FDA or LFGB approved silicone fda-test-report.pdflfgb-test-report.pdf– which will depend on where the customer plans to sell their silicone products and also to what level of quality they want to offer their customers.

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