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How Hot Can Food-grade Silicone Get?

Most silicone has an operating temperature from -60°C up to +230°C. However, the amount of time it spends exposed to such temperatures will define its ability to maintain integrity within an application.

Silicone rubber withstands high and low temperatures far better than organic rubbers. Silicone rubber can be used indefinitely at 150°C with almost no change in its properties. It withstands use even at 200°C for 10,000 hours or more, and some products can withstand the heat of 350°C for short periods. There are specialist types of silicone that can endure an even greater range of temperatures.

For example, if heated up to 150°C you would see very little change in the silicone, even if held at this temperature for a very long time, At 200°C the silicone will slowly become harder and less stretchy with time, and if the silicone was heated up to a temperature beyond 300°C, you would quickly see the material become harder and less stretchy in a very short time, due to such extreme temperature conditions but it would not melt.

So the food-grade silicone is better used in -40-230 °C.

That is better for food silicone grade used.

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