How to tell if silicone products are food grade?

1.Third-party lab test:

The best way to tell if the silicone products are food grade is to test on the lab by Intertek or Bureau Veritas or SGS, TUV. So, most of the brands for the food contact brand products have certification about their goods.

There are two testing standards for Silicone that can be sold that are considered food grade.

For silicone food grade products, there are mainly two standards, one is LFGB food-grade, another is FDA food grade. Silicone products that pass either one of these tests are safe for human use.  LFGB is standard mainly for Europe, while FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is the base level standard in the USA and Australia. Most countries have their own FDA standard, but the USA FDA is the most internationally applied. In terms of pricing,  products in LFGB standard will be more expensive than FDA standard,  so FDA is more widely used.  This is because LFGB method of testing is more comprehensive and strict.

 In the US & Australia, the minimum standard for silicone products is ‘FDA’ testing (Food & Drug Administration standard).

Silicone products sold in Europe except for Germany & France must meet the European Food Contact Regulations – 1935/2004/EC.

2. The easy way to know the LFGB food grade silicone.

As we all know, LFGB food-grade silicone is a high-standard food Grade silicone. There is the simplest way to know if the silicone products were made by LFGB material:

Pull hard:

Both hands pull hard on both sides of the silicone products and focus on one place. If there turns white, it is FDA food Grade silicone products or ordinary silicone. If there is no white, it is LFGB food Silicone products. Of course, you can confirm it is Food Grade Silicone.

3. Conclusion

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