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Silicone menstrual cups – the new age of feminine products

While menstrual cups have been all over the place for numerous years, they have only newly become common. While it might seem like menstrual cups arose instantaneously, they’ve essentially been around in some shape since the 1800s. The initial patent for a menstrual cup design was bestowed in 1867, and the example was just a rubber sack that was fastened to a ring. This initial version was intended to be implanted into the vagina to gather blood. A cord could then remove the menstrual cup joined to it. 

A silicone menstrual cup is a tiny, bell-shaped cup that a person can implant into their vagina to gather blood during menstruation. They are composed of medical-grade silicone and are typically reusable. Individuals drain the cup, clean it with soap and water, and implant it again.

Some brands are throwaway so that an individual can toss them away after every use or period. An individual can use a recyclable cup for 6–12 hours before it has to be detached and cleaned. Anyone with a denser menstrual flow might need to regularly drain their cup.

How Does A silicone menstrual cup Work?

The tiny, flexible cup is made of silicone. Instead of sopping up your flow, as a tampon or sanitary pad does, it collects it instead. Before your period begins, firmly fold the menstrual cup and implant it like a tampon minus the applicator. Utilized appropriately, you shouldn’t feel it at all. Your cup will open up (you might need to revolve it first) to make a seal stop leaks. The blood then merely trickles into the cup.

Some kinds are throwaway, but most are ecological. To do away with it, you tug the stem sticking out the bottommost and squeeze the base to relieve the seal. Then you pour out, clean with soap and water, and substitute. After your cycle, you can disinfect your cup in hot water.

Like any supplementary product for your period, you can purchase them online or through grocery stores and drugstores. 

Advantages of using a silicone menstrual cup

So why exactly should you switch to a menstrual cup? Here are the advantages:

Lesser costs and less landfill excess

Some cups are intended for long-standing use – even years – offering substantial cost savings over tampons or pads. As you can reprocess them, there’s less trash to obstruct landfills. And fewer trees were lost to make the paper-centered substitutions. Bear in mind that some cups are premeditated to be throwaway. Make it indisputable that you read the label judiciously before purchasing if you want a recyclable one. 

No uncomfortable stench

With menstrual cups, you won’t have to fear about humiliating odor drifting out at the most unfortunate times! The fluid is not subjected to air as it usually does with pads or tampons. Vaginal pH and helpful bacteria likewise stay put. Tampons soak up your vaginal fluid together with the blood, which might disturb the vagina’s gentle pH and bacterial equilibrium.

The smaller number of visits to the drugstore

Even if you substitute your cup each year, you’ll still make fewer jaunts to the store than you would if you utilized throwaway, paper-centered methods.

More stretch between changes

You need to switch tampons in four to eight hours, contingent on flow. With a menstrual cup, you can reach nearly 12 hours before making any changes.

Easy to use

Anybody who has utilized tampons, particularly the kind minus applicators, should have no trouble understanding how to implant a menstrual cup. Bend it so it looks like a tampon; aim it in the direction of the back of the opening and give it a slight push. It should essentially push itself up. When introduced properly, you shouldn’t feel its existence whatsoever. 

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How to take away a silicone menstrual cup

To take away the cup, an individual can push down to some extent, as if they have a painful stomach. In addition, some individuals find it supportive of utilizing the vaginal muscles to thrust the cup farther down.

Utilizing the forefinger and thumb, reach up to the vagina and clutch the cup’s stem, gradually pulling it down. Squeeze the base of the cup to halt the suction and eliminate it from the vagina. Attempt to keep the cup vertical to dodge dribbling any blood.

Some individuals find it challenging to feel the cup or stem. Do not fear — a menstrual cup cannot get misplaced down there! It can help to take a breather and attempt again in a couple of minutes, particularly if a person feels restless or exasperated.

Cleaning a menstrual cup

Washing and storing a menstrual cup appropriately is significant. Keeping a menstrual cup clean is indispensable. On every occasion a person eliminates it, they should immediately clean the cup with soap and water. Likewise, it is a decent idea to boil the cup in water for a couple of minutes between every menstrual cycle.

A person could put their cup inside a metallic whisk to keep the cup from contacting the borders or bottommost of the pan and scorching. However, this protection is not essential with several brands.

It can be problematic to throw out and clean a cup methodically in a community bathroom. In this circumstance, a person can launder their hands before going inside the stall. Then, eliminate the cup and utilize a piece of toilet paper to wash it out before putting it back in. Some individuals have a small bottle of water to wash their cups over the toilet. Make it unquestionable to clean the cup well at the next chance.

In a nutshell

The sure way to know if a menstrual cup will function for you is to purchase one and try it. They come in numerous formations and magnitudes, so occasionally, if the first one doesn’t go well with you, the following size might be better. Do a little investigation. And equate the selections out there and read the evaluations to see what other women like.

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