What is liquid silicone rubber used for?

1. Liquid Silicone Rubber:

LSR is a two-component liquid silicone rubber used to produce elastic items with the injection molding method. where long polysiloxane chains are reinforced with specially treated silica. Component A contains a platinum catalyst and Component B contains methyl hydrogen siloxane as a cross-linker and an alcohol inhibitor.

For example, its molecular structure is characterized by bonds where the carbon is substituted with silicon; it follows that both the technology for its transformation and the kinds of its uses are peculiar.

The products in LSR are created by the chemical reaction of two different gelatinous components.

LSR uses only additive curing with platinum. The cross-linking process, similar to the vulcanization one, can be sped up or down by the temperature, but it’s always irreversible as soon as the two components come into contact with each other.

Therefore the LSR cannot be recovered and cannot be molted with the same technology used for pastes and mixtures able to be vulcanized.

This material is then transformed using specific injection machines which let to obtain the best results.

2. LSR Characteristics:

The products vulcanized with the Liquid Silicone Rubber have the following characteristics:

  • Excellent high temperature resistance +250° C
  • Excellent low temperature resistance and flexibility – 60°C
  • Very good thermal stability
  • Excellent resistance to ageing and great stability to ozone and UV rays
  • Very good dielectric behaviour in a wide temperature range
  • Very good stretch characteristics inside the provided hardness range
  • Very good stretch against breaking
  • Very good ultimate tensile stress
  • Physiological independence
  • Inertless (no taste or smell)
  • Very good size stability
  • The products satisfy the BGA, FDA, KTW, LFGB rules regarding contact with food.

3. LSR Molding advantage:

  • Automated process, fast cure cycles – excellent productivity, multi-cavity molds,
  • extremely low flash tolerances,
  • high strength products,
  • low viscosity = low injection pressures.
  • Overmold and two shot capabilities, make Liquid Silicone Rubber one of the fastest growing Technologies in the industry.





It is used to make baby bottle nipples, medical catheters, gaskets, kitchen goods, toys, and protective phone covers. It can also be moulded onto other plastics and metals to make soft grips or flexible hinges

The LSR’s use has significantly expanded recently, especially in medical devices and wearable technology. LSR cures faster and offers properties not obtainable with traditional rubber materials, especially heat-resistance, extreme low-temperature flexibility, chemical resistance, biological inertness, and an intrinsic capacity for reducing friction.

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