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Use of Silicone Cups for Self-Myofascial Release

Silicone cups can help develop circulation, discharge fascia, and unwind muscles. Choose the size of the cup that best equals the magnitude of the area you want to release. For example, select a bigger cup for a zone like the thighs and back and tinier ones for the arms or feet.

Put on light massage oil or cream to the treatment part. Next, attach the cup to the skin by pressing or squashing on the cup to make the negative pressure vital to generate a seal. As soon as the correct pressure is attained, glide the cup backward and forward, push and tug it or permit it in position for nearly three minutes to deliver profound stimulation to the fundamental tissue. 

What Are The Benefits of Silicone Cups?

Cupping therapy is used as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is one of the most prevalent substitute therapies that have been performed for decades. The fundamental philosophy of cupping is simple: generate a negative pressure in the cup, position the cup to the skin, and the negative pressure will “draw” the skin upwards.

Typically, the cups are prepared of glass, bamboo, and Earthenware, which are delicate and unbending. Nevertheless, with the advent of contemporary materials, silicone cups are transportable, flexible, and shatterproof. Although individuals have loads of questions about this innovative material, the primary demand is, what are the remunerations of silicone cups?

What is the working principle of silicone cups?

Before clarifying the profits of silicone cups, we need first to comprehend the working principle of silicone cups. Conventionally, intending to create suction, experts or practitioners utilize fire to eliminate oxygen from the cup. Associated with the traditional cupping method, you merely need to squash the cups to generate a vacuum when you use silicone cups for cupping massage. You can regulate the quantity of vacuum by fluctuating the compression of the cups. After squash, the pressure of the cups can draw up your skin and tissues. Unlike manual tissue massage, which forces down on the tissue, silicone cups draw up the tissue without discomfort.  

What are the Benefits of silicone cups?

There are more than a few advantages of using silicone cups:

  • First, silicone cups are reasonably priced. The silicone cupping set accessible by many companies charges less than a solo massage session. Most prominently, as soon as you purchase a silicone cupping set, you can utilize it for an unusually extended time since it’s not ever wrecked.
  • Silicone cups are transportable and can be utilized worldwide, even on vacation.
  • You can influence the notch of suction rendering to your partiality by squeezing the cups more tightly or mildly.
  • The springiness of silicone permits silicone cups to work well in those problematic arched areas of the body, such as ankles, knees, and wrists.

How to utilize silicone cups?

When you utilize a silicone cup for cupping massage, you can do either static cupping or dynamic cupping with massage oils, creams, ointments, or massage balms. Static cupping is positioning the cup and keeping it in a single area for some time, while dynamic cupping is relocating the cup from one place to another on your skin. The transfer of cups can spread equal to 4 inches inside your tissues, and this procedure makes you feel reinvigorated and re-energized.

Briefly, silicone cups are excellent selections for you, particularly if you want to cup yourself at ease or constantly traveling. One set of silicone cups encompasses numerous cups of different proportions and profiles. This means you can smear them nearly everywhere on your body, counting the legs, back, stomach, torso, arms, collar, and even your face.

Risk avoidance

Care must be taken to avert overstimulation of the tissues. Mild soreness will happen and is needed as an indication of amplified circulation. Frequently, a red-spotted appearance or discoloration can foster, which designates tissue tension underneath. While the bruising can be beneficial, you must let the skin reestablish itself for a couple of days before carrying on cupping.

Cupping on the face is not suggested and should be done with attention as the facial tissues are more delicate. Leaving a cup for more than half a minute might cause severe skin problems. 

The ‘do nots’ of cupping.

  • Don’t utilize these over any wounds or cuts at all.
  • So do not cup over any blood flow, infested areas, or wounded skin.
  • Evade using them continuously for days on parts where bruising occurs (bruising isn’t an awful thing as it does heal, but you want to let the skin and tissue reinstate itself before making it go through the process again). A decent way would be to wait a minimum of 2 days before recapping any areas that have bruised.
  • Do not use over the stomach if heavy with child.
  • If not, your cupping skills are progressive; circumvent leaving these cups on for more than a minute, to begin with. If the area isn’t delicate to the cups, you might leave it on for lengthier periods. Everyone is dissimilar, however. No punishing pain should be undergone at all. This is meant to soothe you, not have you screaming!
  • Sidestep using on the face unless you unconditionally know what you’re doing. There’s much subtle stuff on your face, and you never want to damage any of it.
  •  Do not utilize cupping treatment if you are undergoing a chronic disease like congestive heart failure, kidney failure, or peripheral edema.
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Cleaning and Sterilizing

Medical-grade silicone cups are harmless, germ-free, and resistant. To clean, bathe in hot water with dish soap or a bar of antiseptic soap. After cleaning, the cups can be rubbed with alcohol or put in boiling water for a few minutes. Silicone cups are correspondingly dishwasher safe.

Service Life

First-class silicone cups can persist for up to five years. The cup might become tarnished over time, but this does not influence its functionality. When suction is no longer effortlessly achieved, the cup edges have depreciated, and it is time to buy a new one.

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