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Why switch to Silicone Straws?

We’ve all seen the development of straws over the past couple of years, particularly the shift from plastic. The no-plastic-straw craze has made many companies turn to bamboo, paper, stainless steel, and other straws, and everyone’s rooting for it. According to National Geographic, Americans alone utilize more than 100 million plastic straws every day, so selecting any recyclable straw is, undoubtedly, praiseworthy. But countless of these straws aren’t dependable or practical. The newest addition to the straw trend is getting closer to the target. They’re vibrant, flexible, and just plain practical. Here’s why you should also think about silicone straws over other types available today:

So, we know the ecological benefits of dumping plastic straws, but what are the welfares of these new market silicone straws? 

Safer substitute for metal

Numerous people are going towards recyclable choices, for example, glass or stainless steel. While these are fantastic options for some individuals, they come with the danger of chiseled teeth and even cuts in the mouth or tongue. Ouch! Additionally, if you like to nibble on or bite down on your straw, metal and glass won’t be giving you any benefit. There are likewise dangers for people with incapacities, for example, those with movement disorders. Stainless steel straws might look catchy, but they can be pretty harmful in the hands of children or the elderly. We have confidence in silicone drinking straws, which are a harmless option for all. 

Safe for kids and straw nibblers

silicone drinking straws are well-liked by children of all ages. They are smooth and flexible straws that are easy to grasp and harmless for kids and toddlers to place in their mouths. Numerous kids like to gnaw their straw which is a probability as they are squashier than metal and glass options. As the straws are free of plastic, people love that their kids are not being subjected to poisonous chemicals. These fun silicone straws come in countless invigorating colors that are fantastic for exciting young minds and inspiring sensory play. Do you tussle to get your children to eat their veggies? Here’s how silicone straws can help! Make a healthy smoothie, add a bendable, vibrant silicone straw, and you will be astonished how much they will consume just due to that!

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People typically don’t like to give their young children adult table knives and forks or piercing materials. So, talking about straws, people tend to keep at arm’s length the ones made from solid metal, glass, and bamboo. After accounts of kids suffering mouth cuts, a few popular coffee companies also withdrew their stainless-steel straws!

So, recyclable silicone straws are the perfect thing when it comes to kids. It is also comforting knowing that if a sly toddler wanders off with their thirst-quencher, there are no dangers of severe scratches should they slip and fall on their straw. 

Zero tooth sensitivities

Some people state that metal straws cause their teeth to become sensitive. They can correspondingly get rather hot if you’re exhausting it for a hot drink like hot chocolate. On the other hand, silicone drinking straws are lovely for anyone with delicate teeth, counting in the straw nibblers!

Safe for people with incapacities and sensory concerns

 These great silicone straws are harmless for individuals with incapacities and aging looking for a laxer substitute. They are supple in the mouth and don’t have the risks accompanying them, such as those with glass and stainless-steel straws. Silicone can be putting the dishwasher or heated (care must be taken), making them an easy product to wash. It is significant to note that plastic straws are and will continuously be essential for members of the incapacitated and elderly community. It is effective for members of these groups to have access to throwaway plastic when they are incapable of securely cleaning their straws and necessitating particular arranging of their straws.   

Easy to clean

The attractiveness of silicone drinking straws is that they are so stress-free to clean! Just toss them in the dishwasher or scrub them with warm bubbly water and the scrubbing brush.

So, are you prepared to dump single-use plastic and go for a plastic-free, recyclable straw? We think silicone straws are the best selection! Also, let’s have a look at why similar alternatives to plastic straws don’t cut:

Bamboo Straws Necessitate Too Much Effort

Bamboo straws aren’t that great. They certainly give you that natural, no add-ons visual appeal, but if you’re not meticulously washing and freshening them rapidly, the bamboo can effortlessly soak up liquid, bend, fracture, and become waste. 

Glass Straws Are Fragile

Talking about the ever-so-popular glass straws, they unquestionably look stunning exhibited on your kitchen counter or in a sweet cocktail. But if you’re somebody who has a habit of dropping things routinely, they might not be your most outstanding selection. 

Stainless Steel Straws Have a Distinctive Flavor

When stainless steel straws came into play, they seemed like a game-changer. They’re tough, ecological, and glossy. But they still tend to give you a metallic, pewter taste now and then and might not be excellent for anybody with sensitive teeth.

Safe to say that silicone straws are here to save the day. Recyclable and enduring, these bendy, vibrant pieces are all you need. They’re dishwasher safe and come with tiny straw wipers for simple cleaning. The silicone likewise stays at room temperature, so move ahead and use a straw for hot chocolate if you want to! They’re stretchy and malleable, so you can squeeze them into your basket or thrust them into a kitchen drawer. You can even slice them to fit pleasantly in wine glasses to circumvent stained teeth or straws falling off the glasses. And did we remark how amusing and cheerful they are? There’s a shade for every time!

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